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Several years ago a former member of Bolton Branch, Geoff Smith, passed on a number of items to the local history department of Bolton Museum. For your convenience, listed below are the items.

Code: ZZ/650
Date: 1894-1998
Title: Bells and Bell Ringers
Description: Booklet, Register, visitor books, and other miscellaneous papers. * Initiated by the close down and transfer of the Bells of Holy Trinity Church Bolton to the Parish Church of Preston during 1997.

Code: ZZ/650/1
Date: 1997
Title: Commemorative booklet
Description: Hallowing of the Bells of the Parish Church of Preston on the 8th November 1997. Eight of these came from Holy Trinity Church Bolton.

Code: ZZ/650/2
Date: 22nd April 1923 to 26th December 1937
Title: Register of Bell Ringers at Holy Trinity church showing names and addresses and recording attendance at services and practices. Commencing.
Description: The leader was Henry William Jackson and the vicar George A Deacon. (The book is backed and 16cm square.)

Code: ZZ/650/3
Date: 2nd January 1938 to February 1966
Title: Register of Bell Ringers at Holy Trinity church showing names and addresses and recording attendance at services and practices.
Description: (The book is foolscap size and is backless.)

Code: ZZ/650/4
Date: 11th November 1921 to the 6th of August 1967
Title: Ringing Room Visitors' Book
Description: Which in addition to visitors contains a diary of events related to ringing peals and quarter peals. (The book is 16cm square and about 1/4 of the book is used)

Code: ZZ/650/5
Date: 6th October 1951 to 21st March 1965
Title: An additional Visitors' book
Description: (Foolscap size but only 3 pages are used the rest are blank)

Code: ZZ/650/6
Date: c1926
Title: Loose papers
Description: Include the following: Two old photographs and a newspaper cutting. a. A September 1926 group outside Holy Trinity Church b. Hand bells being rung over a grave c. The cutting is of a group containing 80 years old bell ringer Henry William Jackson. All seem to have Peter Crook, a frequently mentioned ringer, shown prominently.

Code: ZZ/650/7
Date: 1949-1955
Title: Receipts from meals on Ringers' Trips in 1949 and Travel leaflets from 1955.

Code: ZZ/650/8
Date: 17th May 1951
Title: Receipt for bell ropes from John Pritchard (Ropes) Ltd of Loughborough.

Code: ZZ/650/9
Date: n.d
Title: Receipt and details of the gift of a carpet to Holy Trinity Chapel by Bell Ringers.

Code: ZZ/650/10
Date: 1964
Title: Proficiency Certificates of the Lancashire Association of Change Ringers
Description: They are to Joseph E. Owen, Mrs Mary Kenyon and Everest Ford. They are signed by J Thornley Branch Secretary and J P Partington Ringing Secretary.

Code: ZZ/650/11
Date: 1977-1995
Title: Annual Reports of the Lancashire Association of Change Ringers
Description: For the years 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995.

Code: ZZ/650/12
Date: 1973-1980
Title: Magazines from Bolton Parish Church containing relevant Bell Ringing articles. July 1973, November 1973, July 1975 and March 1980.

Code: ZZ/650/13
Date: 1997-1998
Title: Copies of the newsletter 'The Bolton Bell' which is produced by the Bolton Branch of the Lancashire Association of Change Ringers.
Description: These are for September 1997, October 1997, November 1997, December 1997, February 1998, March 1998 and April 1998.

Code: ZZ/650/14
Date: 1916
Title: Extract from the 'Church Bells of Lancashire' Part II the Hundred of Salford By F H Cheetham published in Manchester by Richard Gill Tib Lane Cross Street.
Description: Concerning the history and parish records concerning the bells of Bolton Parish Church and St George's Church Bolton.

Code: ZZ/650/15
Date: n.d
Title: Extract from The Northamptonshire Bellfounders particularly as regards the bellfounders who cast the bells in Bolton Parish Church. The Bagley family.

Code: ZZ/650/16
Date: 1972-1973
Title: Bolton Parish Church Magazines
Description: Extracts from November 1972, May 1973, June 1973, July 1973

Code: ZZ/650/17
Date: 1991-1998
Title: Copies of the Newsletter 'The Bolton Bell' produced by the Bolton branch of the Lancashire Association of Change Ringers. Incomplete

Code: ZZ/650/18
Date: 5th March 1910
Title: Copy of the service sheet for the dedication of the Bells at Tyldesley Parish Church on Saturday

Code: ZZ/650/19
Date: February 4th 1927
Title: Report from the Bolton Journal and Guardian of Friday concerning a Bell Ringing Record of 7 hours at Bolton Parish Church.

Code: ZZ/650/20
Date: n.d
Title: Photo of Peter Crook Junior.

Code: ZZ/650/21
Date: n.d
Title: Article by Geoff Smith on the Bells of Bolton Parish Church of 1894

Code: ZZ/650/22
Date: 22nd March 1894
Title: Ringers Rules, Bolton Parish Church

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